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About me

Hi, I’m Mailee


a creative and empathetic storyteller.

I’m a light and airy type of photographer with a soft spot in my heart for flowing dresses and beautiful sunsets.

I love adventure and reserve time to solo travel and travel with friends around the world. I’m, also, a homebody and enjoy having intimate gatherings where I cook for friends while we have great conversations and spend the night laughing. I was the most quiet child you’ve ever met, but am now an open book after finding how empowering storytelling and transparency can be. 

From personal experience, I learned that photography can be a great tool for healing, both behind the camera and in front of it. And that’s something that I want to share with others. My portrait sessions are safe spaces. There is no judgement, including self-judgement. As your photographer, I’m here to guide you to make sure that you look and feel your best when we’re together so that that shows up in your portraits.


I Work With You To tell your visual story.

Hair, Makeup, and Outfits

I always recommend hiring a professional makeup artist to not only treat yourself for the day but also, since a professional makeup artist will know how to best apply your makeup for the camera, which is different than your everyday makeup. You will also receive an outfit guide when you book a portrait session with me.


I will provide recommendations on nearby locations, but we also take into account what type of setting you’re looking for.

It’s Going to be unforgettable!

Let’s Plan Your session!