About me

Hi, I’m Mailee


a creative, empathetic, and adventurous storyteller.

I started photographing six years ago when I bought my first DSLR camera and haven’t put down my camera since then. I love traveling the world photographing women living their best lives, whether that means waking up at sunrise to capture them in a flowing dress with a pink sky behind them or walking through the streets of a busy city during sunset where they feel most powerful. 

My photography is about empowering women and capturing images that tell the stories that they want to share. These moments we’re capturing together are part of the legacy that they hope to leave behind.

I Work With You To tell your visual story.

Even before the day of the shoot, we plan your portrait session together. This means I’m there to help you pick out your outfits, hair, makeup, and location. Anything that will help capture the image you want to have of yourself. 

Hair, Makeup, and Outfits

I always recommend hiring a professional makeup artist to not only treat yourself for the day but also, since a professional makeup artist will know how to best apply your makeup for the camera, which is different than your everyday makeup. You will also receive an outfit guide when you book a portrait session with me.


I will provide recommendations on nearby locations, but we also take into account what type of setting you’re looking for.

It’s Going to be unforgettable!

Let’s Plan Your session!