Welcome to Her Golden Hour! A curation of my photography portfolio, services, and tips. If you’re a traveler, blogger, or someone who is looking for inspiration then this is the place for you. I am a photographer who specializes in travel and portrait photography. I shoot in natural light all around the world and as you may have guessed my favorite time of day to shoot is at golden hour. 

How Solo Traveling Got Me Through My Divorce

I've always dreamed of traveling the world. I grew up in a small city in Wisconsin and every trip I took outside of it always left me wanting more.  When I turned 18 and moved out of my parent's home to go to college, I was so excited for the adventures I was going to...

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Still Shooting on Auto White Balance? Read This

So you bought your first DSLR camera, you've started to learn how to shoot manual, and now you're editing your photos in Photoshop or Lightroom. What's the next step? Keep refining your skills! I learned how to shoot manual right away, but it wasn't until this last...

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